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Place de la Mairie - 84410 FLASSAN


Place de la Mairie - 84410 FLASSAN

Telephone: 04 90 65 63 95


The ochre village

Flassan always surprises visitors by the warm colours of its walls, its ochre and orange façades which get a tint of pink at sunset. It is true that ochre quarries are all close by. The deposit starts at the Piedmont of the Ventoux and carries on towards Flassan, Villes sur Auzon and Mormoiron. It disappears under the Monts de Vaucluse and springs back near Roussillon and the Luberon.

The origin

The name « Flassan » seems to have Gallo-Roman roots and would come from Flaccus, a rich land owner who lived here in the IInd and IIIrd centuries. The term “Flassano” appears in archives from the beginning of the XIIth century. Built on the south face of the Ventoux and thus protected by the Mistral wind, the village is situated at the mouth of the Combe de Canaud, a “long valley” where the most ancient remnants of human presence were found in the area (dating at least 3000 years before our era). 
The village centre developed along two north-south parallel streets connected by narrow lanes. One of them goes through a “soustet”, a little tunnel used to go under a house built in 1710.

In the shade of the square

The mairie, the church, the fountain and the wash house make this square a political and social place where villagers can enjoy the comforting shade of a beautiful tree. The mairie or community house dates from the beginning of the XVIIth century. Archives suggest that it was finished in 1609. The double staircase with wrought iron handrails was added in 1908 when the building was restored. 
The ground floor was occupied with an oil mill used in the XVIIth century and in operation until 1925. Only a few pieces are left today. 
The fountain where people came to fetch fresh water, where horses came to drink and the wash house where so many secrets were whispered were built in 1860. Everything happened under the watchful eye of a huge elm towering in the middle of the square. “Majestuous king of the public square, how many memories, how many images you bring back to the Flassannais’ minds”, wrote a local poet in 1974. Unfortunately, the over two-hundred-year-old tree became diseased and had to be felled in 1986 to the great displeasure of the villagers. A young elm was planted in 1997 to replace it. We hope it will become the new “king” of the square – nicely re-designed in 2006.