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D. 974 - 84410 BEDOIN


The Mont Ventoux, which peaks at 1912 meters, is a legendary mountain which has always been venerated by poets and feared by cyclists. It is also a privileged site for scientific observation. The 'Giant of Provence' and its majestic silhouette overlooking Provence is a source of fascination for all. On foot, on horseback, on bicycle or even by car, there are many ways to discover this beautiful natural environment. The specificity and the natural wealth of life up there have been recognized by the UNESCO which gave the Mont Ventoux the title of 'Biosphere reserve' so that it would combine economic development with the protection of this unique site.
D. 974 - 84410 BEDOIN

Telephone: 04 90 65 60 08

Fax: 04 90 65 95 69


The Mountain is the pride of Provence but it is nevertheless a natural and wild environment which needs to be approached with humility. The Mistral wind blows hard and the summit often disappears in the clouds. The forests are dense and full of various scents which shelter remarkable fauna and flora. When hiking up there, you might meet wild boars, chamois, deer, roe and birds of prey whirling above in the sky.

The Ventoux shelters one of the widest cedar forests. It was planted in 1880 to reforest the area. Here and there, humble sheepfolds give evidence of pastoral activity. Nowadays, some of them have been restored. 
In spring and until the very beginning of summer, the fields and summit get covered with a multitude of flowers, most of them ground-cover plants for better withstanding tough climate conditions: Greenland poppies, Saxifrages, Alpine linciaires…
In this vast natural playground, outdoor activities are varied. You will find mountain biking, hiking and trail itineraries and in winter, on the snow covered slopes you will be able to enjoy skiing.

Some areas of the mountain are fragile and protected as ‘Reserves of the Biosphere’. Respect this environmenet, do not pick the flowers and do not leave rubbish behind. Together, let’s respect this wonderful natural site so that the Ventoux remains a Giant.