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Commune de Bédoin

301, Avenue Barral des Baux - 84410 BEDOIN

Commune de Bédoin

301, Avenue Barral des Baux - 84410 BEDOIN

Family name : REYNARD

Name : Luc

Telephone: 04 90 65 60 08

Fax: 04 90 65 95 69


Bédoin, the village and the twenty hamlets dispersed on the surrounding area...

A good way to discover the history of the village is via the Draio dou Barry. The itinerary will take you through the streets in search of a past which shaped their architecture. The old village is situated on the St Antonin hill, dominated by the remnants of an old cemetery and the church St Pierre.

Thanks to the richness of the subsoil, many arts and crafts developed: brick-making, tile-making and pottery.
The wars of religion and several epidemics did not spare the village and the population used to hide behing fortified walls with four access doors.
The darkest era was during the revolution: Bedoin was called the « Vendée » of the South because of its allegiance to the pope, the Comtat Venaissin and the king of France. 
Repression was dreadful: executions, arsons, devastations of sacred places, archives, cultures... On the Place de la République, you will find a monument in memory of these victims, where the guillotine used to be...

The end of the Terror period was the start of the restoration of the village. From then on, buildings were rebuilt, inhabitants came back and picked up their activities.  

In 1876, the road to the summit was opened and a weather station built at the top. Other works were completed like water conveyance to the hamlets, extension of the public square and the creation of a truffle and grape market. 

Around the same time, the reforestation of the Ventoux started: green oaks, white oaks, Austrian black pines, beeches are now to be found on the slopes of the Giant, including the cedar forest, one of the largest in Europe.