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Betty Blues

Centre Culturel - 84410 BEDOIN

Betty Blues

Saturday September 30th

Theatre Night

Centre Culturel - 84410 BEDOIN

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Telephone: 04 90 65 63 95

Theatre night at the Centre Culturel with the theatre company "Les Artisans du rêve"

Saturday September 30th at 8.30pm - Centre Culturel Hélen Adam

Due to a misunderstanding, Boris and Betty meet each other. Boris, in his 50's, has led his life at speed, like a headlong rush. He has crossed countries. Women have crossed his life; but did not stick around.

Betty, 30 years-old, is getting nowhere, desperate to find a long term contract and a meaning to her life.

He is gruff. She is violent. They have nothing in common, except maybe the sense of rythm and a door to close.

Starring Bérangère Nouveau and Jean Claude Guiral.

Price : 12€. Free under 12 years-old.
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